In everything we do, we believe in providing maximum value, being truly exceptional and second to none.

We do this by designing tailored solutions to Zimbabweans in different walks of life. From low cost mass housing, to student housing and apartments, to upmarket estates and housing.

Amongst our portfolio we have a mass housing development under the Runako Brand. We are building basic housing for the people of Domboshava with access to electricity and basic amenities such as water and improving the well-being of people in the area.  

Pundura Estate Mutare is a Property in planning phase under the Pundura Group PBC. Founded 2016, we believe in changing Zimbabwe by building residence that are hubs of innovation and creativity. Fostering the next generation of the Zimbabwean employees by providing them world class accommodation services that include all the tools they need to harness their potential and become who they were destined to be.

Bright Gwati

CEO & Founder